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【Fate/Grand Order】Beast III/L Kama/Mara (Max Gauge / No CS) ft Murasaki

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The most difficult battle I’ve done in 3 years of playing FGO.
The total recording time without speeding up is 82 minutes, which comprised of many long pause as almost every single turn requires planning.
Total HP combined: 6 million.

Special thanks to Rexlent for letting me borrow his Awawa and helping with editing.

Below is an inexhaustive list of ways Kama can screw your Servants over:
- First 3 turns, she will drain all frontline Servant NP gauge to 0% at the start of every turn.
- If you cannot break her first bar on turn 1, she will buff herself and gain an additional 2 NP ticks per turn for 10 turns. Alternatively, you can stun her on t1 to completely skip this gimmick.
- Hitting her with a normal card will apply a crippling and stacking debuff on your Servant: Buff Negate (1 time, 2 turns) and Defense/Debuff Resist/All Cards Performance Down (3 turns) but will heal you for 1k each time.
- Shadow Clone Jutsu: Starting from turn 4, she can freely clone herself once per turn, with increasing frequency as more of her HP bars being depleted. These clones do not have actions of their own, but they will NP your Servants when their gauge is full as a free action independent from Main Kama’s 3 actions.
- Kama herself will always apply an invulnerability piercing buff on herself before using NP.


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