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Kevin Feige Is Developing a Star Wars Movie! What's This Mean, If Anything? - Collider Live #227

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It's Thursday and EVERYTHING IS FINE WITH STAR WARS NOTHING TO SEE HERE CONTINUE WITH YOUR SPECULATING! So the internet exploded last night when it was reported that Kevin Feige will be producing a Star Wars movie alongside Kathleen Kennedy. How long until the internet just assumes Feige hated The Last Jedi? Let's find out. Collider Live!

00:00 We’re taking Josh to Halloween Horror Nights tonight
7:45 Dorina went to Fantastic Fest
8:30 New video Kristian found
18:30 Reilly’s hair
26:30 Uber scam
36:00 Katee Sackhoff calls in
41:00 Kevin Feige is making a Star Wars movie
1:34:00 Phone calls

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