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Sonic Quantum Collision - Fangame Showcase

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Again special thanks to:
TubHero (development and sprites)
Rouge2t7 (sprites)
Beta Spriter (sprites)
TailZ (music)
Troy Scar (music)
Xavier Rhapsody (music)
PixelBolt the Holo-Hedgehog (web)

Special thanks to:
Reby the Lion

FOLLOW THEIR TWITER! @quantum_sonic

Here is their website where you can learn more about the game and the team: https://sonicqc.home.blog/

This fangame was super fun to play, thanks again for letting me try it out.

This video is the start of a new series on my channel where I will be playing mod showcases and fangame showcases, hope you enjoy and subscribe to stay up top date on the latest videos.

#SonicQuantumCollision #SonicFanGame #SonicTheHedgehog

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