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Superhit Bollywood - Movie Swayamvar | Moushmi Chaterjee, Sanjeev Kumar, Shashi Kapoor, Vidya Sinha

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Stars: Shashi Kapoor, Sanjeev Kumar, Moushumi Chatterjee, Vidya Sinha, Nadira
Director: P. Sambasiva Rao, Producer: B. Nagi Reddy
Writers: Chakrapani (story), Raj Baldev Raj (dialogue)

Story: The second wife of kind-hearted, and generous Amirchand Bhargav is Durgadevi Bhargav (Nadira), who is exactly the opposite of her late husband. She rules over her household, along with her brother, Makhanlal (Madan Puri), with an iron hand, and also over her step-daughter, Shanti (Vidya Sinha), who she treats worse than her servants. Due to her brutality, there is always a dearth of servants in her household, and hence most of the work must be done by Shanti. Her other daughter is Roopa (Moushumi Chatterjee), is bad-tempered and spoiled. When a former employee of Amirchand, Ratanlal (Shreeram Lagoo) approaches Durgadevi for marrying her two sons to her two daughters, she humiliates him and turns him away. Unperturbed by this, he asks the assistance of his two sons, Ram (Sanjeev Kumar) and Laxman (Shashi Kapoor), so that the marriages can take place, and at the same time Durgadevi and Makhanlal be taught a lesson. Both the sons readily agree to do this, and Ram goes to Durgadevi household as a servant to woo Shanti; while Laxman poses as a wealthy playboy to woo Roopa. But Makhanlal and his wife, Jwala (Shashikala) want Roopa to marry their jailbird son, Chander (Ranjeet), and will not stop at anything, including abducting Durgadevi herself, to pave their way to wealth.

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