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Tag Team Legendary Performance Battles 1/4 @ The Wonderful World Of Disney Ball

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Iconic House of O PHI NU Presents: Wonderful World of Disney

Commentators: Icon Snookie Juicy & Iconic HOF Havoc Dezire
DJ: Iconic Vjuan Allure

• Team Triple Threat (One Realness, One Face, One Sex)

In Disney, The Incredibles represent the ultimate team. Tonight we want you to do the same. In a effect of your choice representing the incredibles in Red and Black with a touch of yellow. Bring us One Realness, One Face, and one Sex Appeal representing the Ultimate Triple threat team!

• Mini Grand Prize – Best Dressed Disney Royalty– Tonight we want to see you bring to life the Royal kingdoms that inspired some of Disney’s top hits.
*No house affiliation, 1 Trophy *

Lion King – African Royalty
Mulan- Chinese Royalty
Beauty and the Beast -British Royalty

• MF vs FF Realness - Pocahontas
In a Tribal Native American look take us back to the time before the Englishman invaded your land!

• Legendary Runway – Toy Story
You will not be the old toy left in the attic. Tonight bring to life your favorite toy in the chest. Show Andy why your still the best of the best!

• MF vs FF Face – The Little Mermaid
From the Ocean to the land bring to life our favorite Little Mermaid characters.

FF as Ariel
MF as Prince Eric
Legendary MF as King Triton
Legendary FF as Ursula

• OTA Runway - Cinderella
Bipity Bopity Boo who’s pumping and serving for you? Tonight bring to life Magical story of Cinderella.

European Runway- Bring it as Cenderella in her Ball Gown and don’t forget your bedazzled shoe.

FF bring it as the Fairy God Mother and don’t forget your magic wond.

AA bring it as Prince Charming and don’t forget your crown.

• Tag Team Legendary Performance- Disney Villains (Two Separate Villains) Tonight you will team up to end Disney’s Happily Ever After once and for all. In a team of two bring to life your favorite Disney Villains from two separate movies. As a plot twist since your villains can not be from the same movie, your partner can not be from the same house.

• Realness w/ Twist vs Vogue Fem –Twisters we want you to invoke your inner beast and bring it as the amazing Tarzan and Vogue Fems we want you to tap into your inner cunt and bring it as a cunty Jane.
*Twisters must get their tens for Realness to walk twist!

• BQUID Performance vs FQ Performance 101 Dalmatians- Mini Grand

Dalmatians are prized possessions and so are you! Tonight in a all white effect with black spots and a red shoe, we want to see a battle to the finish. Just to add a magical twist, any FF that brings it in a red heel 5ins or higher will receive automatic 10s.
*You must battle in the heel for the entire category*

OTA MUA -Frozen
Make up artistry is a part of ballroom that is often overlooked. Tonight we call upon all makeup artist to create a neck up winter wonderland creation bringing to life the movie frozen. This is not a face category so your model can not be someone who has ever walked face!

Grand Prize As a House- The Mickey Mouse Club.
The Mickey Mouse club stars all the iconic characters that represent Disney. Tonight we want your house to do the same. Bring us Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Goofy representing 1 Face, 1 Performance, 1 Realness, 1 Runway and 1 Fashion. You choose which character represents which category and what look is brought to life but you must incorporate the following:

Mickey-Red and Black w/ Mouse Ears

Minnie-Pink and Black w/ PokaDots

Donald-Blue and Black w/ Bow Tie

Daisy-Purple and Black w/ A Bow

Goofy -Orange and Black w/ A Glove

Battles will be chosen by picking a category out of a hat. First house to win three battles will win the round until one house is left standing.

*A minimal of 2 houses must battle for full cash to be giving out if not the lone standing house will take half. *

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