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THE TYPOGRAPHY OF ELY BIELUTIN. Contemporary Russian art. A film by Armando Verdiglione (in Italian)

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THE TYPOGRAPHY OF ELY BIELUTIN. Contemporary Russian art.
A film by Armando Verdiglione.
Ely Bielutin (Элий Михайлович Белютин, Eliy Mikhailovich Belyutin, 1925-2012), Russian master of the New Reality, presents his collection and his work.

Ely Bielutin was born in Moscow in 1925. In 1946 he finished his studies at the Institute of Fine Arts in Moscow and enrolled in the specialization course for artistic teaching. In 1947, he enrolled in the Union of Soviet painters. At the Moscow Academy of Architecture, he staged an exhibition with the work he did during a trip to northern Russia. In 1948, due to ideological divergences, he was expelled from the Union of painters. With six other artists, he organizes what will be the Novaja real'nost’ school (New Reality). From 1949 he devoted himself to teaching. He writes books around the painting of various centuries. Various exhibitions. In 1962 he exhibited with his school at the Maneggio Gallery in Moscow. Speaking at the inauguration, the secretary general of the CPSU, Nikita Khrushchev, has a violent clash with Bielutin and the works on display are destroyed by the police. In 1964, Bielutin moved his studio to Abramcevo's dacha, where he worked clandestinely. In this school, unique for its time, hundreds of artists and architects are formed.
Since 1965, with the Lamber Gallery in Paris, Bielutin and his school have exhibited in various European countries.
Since 1969 he has set up various exhibitions also in Italy. During the VI Biennial of Paris, Bielutin, together with Aleksandr Solzenicyn, is declared an enemy of the Soviet Union. Since 1974 he has exhibited in Boston, London, Paris, Warsaw. With the perestrojka of Michail Gorbacev, rehabilitation arrives. In 1991 Bielutin set up an exhibition again at the Maneggio Gallery in Moscow. The Ministry of Culture publicly apologized to him for the events of 1962. In 1992, Bielutin, invited to Italy by the Armando Verdiglione International Cultural Foundation, held exhibitions in various cities.
He passes away in Moscow on February 27th 2012.
BIELUTIN has published with Spirali edizioni: • Il nostro paradiso (Our Paradise,1992); • Altre galassie (Other Galaxies, 1992). See on our site.

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