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Weathering With You - Grand Escape (FULL) Piano Synthesia (Tenki no Ko) 天気の子 グランドエスケープ | Sheet Music

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● Sheet music: Available at my website for FREE: http://torbybrand.com/
● More Weathering With You covers: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkIEo_0apwfKPCDmC_E9qdqrwg0ejE4fe
● Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/torbybrand
● Streaming platforms: http://fanlink.to/torbybrand
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Hey everyone! Here is my remastered performance of "Grand Escape" from Weathering With You, in synthesia form. I fixed some small errors and added some support notes to flesh out the song. It's all in the sheet music :)

This is an easy piano version of the song, but it is incredibly faithful in melody, structure and tempo. Tempo is exactly 146bpm, and the melody follows the vocal very strictly.

Structural differences: In the original song, the intro notes follow throughout the verse. Obviously this can't be done with only two hands, so I instead simply use it as a short intro. Originally, you are supposed to repeat measure 10-14 4 1/2 times, but I only repeat it once, as I like this better for solo piano. The rest of the song is structurally in terms of bars completely identical, save 65 where I shaved off one rest measure.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy/have fun with the cover! Thanks for watching, and please take a look at some of my other Weathering/Your Name covers too :)

A huge thanks to my patrons:
Piano Game Knight, Abarzler, Christian, Konstantin, Stefan, Wuasi, Matthew, Jakob, Paper, Kick and Konstantin!


Composer: The Radwimps
Arranger: Torby Brand

#グランドエスケープ, #WeatheringWithYou, #天気の子, #TenkiNoKo

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